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Patented Heated Windshield Wipers

America's Premier Patented Heated Windshield Wiping System

normal wiper on left has snow buildup, but heated blade keeps driver's side window clear
Blizzard Blade® heated wiper on driver's side only. Notice the ice buildup on unheated blade. Driver's side with Blizzard Blade® is free of ice or snow buildup.

Don't let ice and snow build-up slow you down this winter.

With Blizzard Blade® heated wiper you won't have to stop and bang the windshield wiper to remove ice and snow, or hang out the window while you're trying to drive.

  • Blade installs quickly using vehicles existing wiper arm
  • Power cords available in choice of direct wire with driver controlled On-Off switch, or lighter receptacle plug.
  • Each 12-volt blade draws 1 - 2.5 AMP's depending on blade length.
  • Specially compounded heat resistant silicone squeegee offers the ultimate in wiping & durability.
  • Flexible - works well on flat or curved windshields.
  • Quick disconnect connections designed for ease of installation and replacement of blades.
  • Applicable for most any type of vehicle: cars, vans, trucks, snow plows, semi tractors, buses, etc.
  • Coiled Heating Element allows for maximum heating and durability.
  • Blade lengths 12" - 28".
  • Heated replacement blades and heated Blizzard Blade refills available.

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Phone: 920-921-0434
Fax: 920-921-1240