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Silicone Windshield Wiper Blades

Our company's patented heated and unheated all-seasons windshield wiper blades are scientifically designed and constructed of silicone rubber to offer the ultimate in wiping capabilities and durability.

Applicable to almost any vehicle
Semi Tractors, Buses, Cars, Heavy Trucks, Vans, etc.
Blade Lengths
12" through 28"
Arm Styles
Pin (large and small), Hook (large and small), Side Saddle, Bayonet, and Heavy-duty Saddle-mount variations.
Works well on flat or curved windshields.
Easy to Install

Specially Compounded Silicone Blades

  • Silicone offers outstanding resistance to environmental aging and weathering. Resistant to all environmental attacks.
  • Silicone is naturally more flexible at temperature extremes.
  • Silicone has excellent resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light, road grime, automotive fluids.
  • Silicone naturally imparts a proprietary shield that resists water sheeting. Precipitation will actually bead on and roll off the windshield.
  • Silicone creates a non-stick surface that is easier to wipe, reduces dynamic friction and has a positive effect on the glass windshield surface allowing better visibility due to the "rolling beads".
  • Silicone is a natural water and ice repellent... Silicone is environmentally friendly.

For the ultimate in winter blades the Blizzard Blade® heated wiper is recommended. Also, available for sale are Blizzard Blade® replacement blades, power cords, and any component parts.

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